Facebook has a brand problem.

How could a company with “900MM customers” have a brand problem? Well, because the heart of branding is trust. Your brand is a promise from you and an expectation from the customer that they can trust you. I can trust that Taco Bell will serve me the same, tasty bean burrito at every location every time.

Mark Zuckerberg is untrustworthy. He voids our trust with his prevarications on handling our personal details with discretion. Many of his former business associates would say they cannot trust him. Now, with the pumping of his IPO and his very-odd stock classes which demean investor’s participation, he is teaching us to distrust him as a CEO shareholder fiduciary.

For years, Home Depot’s brand advertising was “You Can Do It. We Can Help.” After firing all the experienced home contractors who worked in the stores, the brand transformed into “I can’t find anyone on aisle 5 who knows what a flange is.” The breaking of trust overwhelmed the advertising branding campaigns. Consumers knew exactly what the brand was – contrary to what the TV commercials said.

Facebook may make money, but Mark Zuckerberg has already underperformed and will continue to do so. He does not appear to like investors and sees them as a means to an end. He is untrustworthy in my opinion and THAT’s the reason he had the worst IPO ever.

Facebook’s brand is a petulant, self-serving, socially awkward jerk who should be kept at arms-length. No amount of advertising will change this until Markie Mark changes who he is.

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